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Le karité zéro déchets

A zero waste footprint

  • We seek to put an end to production waste and its undesirable effects on the environment.

  • We favor the use of recyclable and ethical materials.

Natural products and recyclable packaging

Human-Ecosystem Balance

  • This shea is organic and obtained in an artisanal way without solvent.

  • essential oils are distilled at the meeting from local raw materials or imported raw.

  • The jars are made of recyclable PET and the cardboard boxes in order to offer the most environmentally neutral product possible.

  • Spirulina is cultivated in outdoor basins supplied with spring water and sea water drawn to great depth to be the purest.

  • the moringa from the wild moringa leaf from Senegal is reduced to powder and sieved without any other addition.

  • with Karisarr you are sure to buy responsibly for a solution to environmental problems.

No chemicals

Taste your day cream is possible!

  • This cosmetic is a vegetable vegetable butter used in cooking in Africa that can be applied without fear on the skin of a baby or on the lips.

  • Spirulina is only pure spirulina rinsed three times and obtained by a process of micro-droplets of spirulina water dried at low temperature which is unique in the world.

  • Spirulina cachet is 98% of the pure spirulina powder compacted cachet with vegetable chicory inulin.

  • The moringa of the leaf of the wild moringa shrub is mechanically transformed into powder.

Beurre de karité pur

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