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Utilisation du karité

shea butter,
For what uses already?

The feet !
yours baby feet

Shea butter for the feet

Effective for dry feet and cracked heels; shea butter is particularly rich in vitamin D and as it is also very penetrating this gives it an exceptional repairing power. "if I came to your market this morning it's only because I haven't found anything better for my cracked heels

Beurre de karité - Bébé
Les pieds
Beurre de karité - Cheveux

The hair :

shea butter for hair

As a pre-shampoo treatment, a hazelnut to melt in your hand, apply for one hour or overnight, then rinse.
It facilitates the penetration into the heart of the hair of active ingredients such as linoleic acid and ADE vitamins, thus nourishing it in depth. It creates a lipid film that will protect and soften the hair shaft, making the hair easier to comb. It strengthens the cohesion of the keratin scales of the hair.

Les cheveux
Les ongles
Le peau

The lips :

Shea butter for lips

Karisarr shea butter is food-grade and 100% plant-based, so it can be applied safely to the mouth and effectively repair dry or damaged lips.

Beurre de karité - Lèvres
Beurre de karité - Multi usages

But also! 

Shea butter is a complex cocktail of active ingredients that will have the effect of effectively relieving skin problems by immediately calming the itching and by applying it regularly there has been a good evolution of the disease in many of my clients. Either pure or scented then only 2% essential oil added.

  • Relieves razor burn or hair removal

  • Hardens the nails

  • Leaves a small layer of vitamin F on the skin which protects against the cold.

  • Natural anti inflammatory it is an excellent after sun.

  • To be used also during the holidays by its repellent effect on mosquitoes it also calms the itching.

Beurre de karité - Tous nos produits

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