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Karité pour qui ?

Who can use shea butter?


The children:

Karisarr shea butter is food used in cooking in Africa so it can be applied without fear to the skin or lips of young children and babies.
It is an excellent healing agent ideal for small sores or irritated buttocks.

Beurre de karité - Enfants
Beurre de karité - Hommes


Shea has a natural anti-inflammatory effect, so it is very popular with my male customers to soothe razor burn, prepare for shaving or as a beard care product.

Personnes â
Femmes enceintes


Women and moms love it
In care for the skin in day or night cream, its natural tensor effect reduces wrinkles and fine lines.
Rich in vitamins, it has an exceptional restorative effect for dry feet and cracked heels.
"miraculous" according to the testimony of a diabetic client with very dry skin.
Penetrating and nourishing for the skin , shea butter   is also for the hair and has a hardening effect for the nails "you saved my nails"
Expectant mothers can apply it on the belly to prevent the appearance of stretch marks .
Nursing moms to repair cracked or sore nipples.
According to many customers, it has also proven effective in relieving psioriasis ezema or chilblains "I did not come to buy you some shea but to say thank you"
Like hives attacks "usually it lasts a week with your shea butter in two days it was over"

Beurre de karité - Femmes
Beurre de karité - Personnes agées

The elderly :

Karisarr shea butter is rich in elastene which will redensify the ideal epidermis, therefore on finer aged skin.
It is also a population particularly affected by foot problems .



Let's not forget our 4-legged friends! Karisarr shea is safe to eat if they lick themselves and it is a good healer which has proven effective for the cracked pads of a client's Labrador. It can be useful for truffles too!

Beurre de karité - Animaux
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