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Feedback from our customers

Yoga at Home

Aaron usa customers

We definitely tell anyone and everyone who needs excellent lotion...especially for skin ailments my wife has.

we love your products. 

Thank you!


Michael c

Suffering from extreme dryness in my feet, I recently switched to your shea butter products, whose benefits are beyond comparison with commercial creams. Thanks !


Peter Fiora


I would like to purchase your products which i brought from you in Paris market in October.

Thank you


Deborah F

Thank you so much for recommending your eczema product!

here is a picture of my baby's skin before and after your product!

thanks again

362 - Copie.jpg

Hanita Ovadia


Thank you so much for such a great product!!

I;m using it on a daily basis since i got it and i really enjoy it!!

It moisture my skin without leaving oil on the skin.

I regret not taking more...

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